Anodize Type III (hard coat) is an electro-chemical process that transforms the surface of the metal into an aluminum oxide coating.

Amongst the benefits of Type III Anodizing is superb abrasion and wear resistance, and excellent dielectric properties. Hard coat anodized surfaces also have a high degree of lubricity which can be further enhanced by impregnation with solid lubricants such as PTFE (Teflon®) for an even lower coefficient of friction.

With Type III Anodizing it is important to note:
• Standard thickness is 0.001 inches
• Maximum thickness is 0.002 inches
• Class 1 refers to non-dyed
• Class 2 refers to dyed
• Natural anodized color will vary from light tan to black depending on the thickness and alloy used
• Where extreme abrasion resistance is required, sealing is not recommended as some softening might be encountered.
• Corrosion resistance is high; however it can be further improved by using an appropriate sealing process.