With a renewed and upgraded paint shop, we have three paint booths and two ovens and are well equipped to handle a variety of regular and special needs for either liquid paint or powder.

We stock a range of frequently used MIL-SPEC paints / primers (see list) and also offer expert matching of colors and textures t suit any paint and / or powder coating requirements. We provide professional color matching on client provided samples, manufacturer names or the following color chart standards.

Color Matching

  • Pantone matching system
  • Federal Standard 595 color chart
  • RAL color chart

Please Note:

Some products may need to allow for stock or matching lead time.
Custom powders and paints may be subject to manufacturer order minimums.

Mil-Spec Paints / Primers

  • Mil-P-53022
  • Mil-DTL-64159
  • Mil-P-24441
  • Mil-DTL-53039
  • Mil-P-23377
  • Mil-PRF-85582
  • Mil-PRF-22750
  • Mil Spec TTP28

Chrome Primers

  • BR-127 Adhesive Bond Primer:
    The Primer BR® 127 is a modified epoxy primer. It is the industry standard for high-performance corrosion primers and has been used in virtually every commercial aircraft built since its introduction. This material can be used with essentially all 250°F (121°C) film adhesives.
  • MIL-C-8514C Wash Primer
  • MIL-PRF-23377K Type 1 Class C2 Primer
  • DOD-P-15328 Wash Primer
  • 1024-2NF (Boeing BMS-10-24) Epoxy Primer

Pre-Treatment Primers

  • Sol Gel Surface pre-treatment:
    Sol–gel derived films exhibit high potential as substitutes for the environmentally unfriendly chromate metal-surface pre-treatment methods.
    Inorganic sol–gel derived films offer good adhesion between metals and organic primer and paints.
    This technology is a high-performance surface preparation for adhesive bonding of aluminum alloys. It has been proven to work well on steel and titanium. This novel surface pre-treatment delivers equivalent performance to PAA and FPL etching.