Bright Dip or Chemical Polishing is a pre-treatment used to enhance the sheen of aluminum. Anodizing the product after bright dipping will protect the metal against corrosion and preserve the luster of the metal.

Bright Dip anodized products can be clear or dyed in a wide variety of bold colors for cosmetic appeal.

Bright Dip is generally used to cosmetically enhance products and typically include:
• Automotive parts
• Light reflectors and frames
• Appliances
• Architectural trim
• Safety and Recreational goods such as flashlights
• Sporting goods (baseball bats, paintball guns, bows & arrows, etc.)

Generally, the following aluminum alloys are suitable for Bright Dip and used for these products:
• 1100 and 3002 Light Reflectors*
• 5000 Series Automotive Trim
• 6061 Machine Parts
• 6063 and 6463 – Extrusions, Shower Doors, Window Frames, Architectural Trim
• 7000 series – baseball bats

*Our Bright Dip process complies with Alcoa’s Alzak ® specification.